What We Do

New View Consultants comprises of specialists in the field of road safety education.  Our expertise in this field of work is comprehensive, covering all areas from initial research through to development and evaluation. 

The services we provide include:

  • Research
  • Evaluation
  • E-Learning                               
  • Course Development and delivery           
  • Fleet and Driver education and management


Research – Effective research is the key to the success.  We have the in-house ability to research complex issues and then help you to develop clear and practical educational solutions.  


Evaluation – Robust evaluation is a vital part of any intervention.  We fully understand evaluation and can offer a complete service from complete bespoke solution to providing access to our unique road safety evaluation tool kit.  


E-Learning – We produce modern and effective e-Learning and apps.  E-Learning is now recognised as a highly effective and cost efficient way of delivering a powerful and long lasting learning experience. Our comprehensive learning management system allows progress to be logged and monitored. 


Course development and delivery – Our comprehensive expertise allows us to plan, develop and deliver a comprehensive range of educational interventions. 


Fleet and Driver Education and Management - We have worked with a wide variety of companies and organisations to help them to reduce their costs whilst reducing the impact their vehicle use has on the environment.  This approach will help you to ensure you are compliant with legislation, helping you to mitigate a substantial business risk.  We are able to offer a number of fleet solutions including a fleet manage system that will help fleet manager ensure they comply with health and safety legislation.